New strata report service launches in Sutherland Shire

Saves time and money for buyers; offers value­ add and quicker sales cycle  to real estate agents

M&W Legals’ newly launched service Buy Now allows buyers to save time and money by only paying the full amount for the Strata Report needed for the property they end up purchasing, rather than all the properties they don’t. “Traditionally, purchasing a strata property would require buyers to pay for each Strata Report for each property that they were looking at purchasing. If they ended up not being successful in their purchase or if they decided against the property, they could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars out of pocket by the end of the process. Buying a strata property is different from buying a house, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be made even more difficult by the high and unnecessary costs of Strata Reports,” said M&W Legals’ Director, Cheryl Blinman.

The new service only requires prospective buyers to pay a small fee for each Strata Report they need to access. If the buyer does not go through with the purchase – whether they were unsuccessful or simply decided against it – they are not required to pay anything extra. It is only when they end up purchasing the property that the buyer pays the full amount of the Strata Report.

Benefits to real estate agents

Not just a money­saving option for the buyers, Buy Now is a time­saving and benefit­ rich service that will also appeal to agents.

“When agents register with Buy Now, they can submit the details of the strata property being listed, Buy Now conducts the necessary strata inspection, uploads the full report to the ‘Buy A Report’ section of our website, and alerts the agent to the report being available,” said Ms Blinman.

At no cost to them, it allows agents, as part of marketing the property, to inform potential buyers about the availability of the full report and direct them to Buy Now. The report is available for a fixed, low fee of $50 to all potential purchasers for them to download.

“Without having to wait for purchasers to arrange their own Strata Reports, properties can be sold faster than ever before, without cutting any corners. Registering as a Buy Now agent means agents will be using a service provided by a trusted name in pre-­purchase Strata Reports with over 30 years of experience in working within the property industry,” added Ms Blinman.