For Buyers


Buy Now gives you peace of mind when it comes to making a strata property purchase – and saves you money.

Access the professional Strata Report you need fast and protect your financial investment – for a fraction of the cost of purchasing multiple reports.

M&W Legals has over 30 years experience providing a variety of strata inspection, property and legal search services. A family-owned business, across three generations, our client commitment is driven by one simple question: if our family member was buying this property what would we want them to know?

We do not enjoy seeing our clients, in a competitive real estate market, spending hundreds on multiple Strata Reports before they are successful in purchasing their property. Buy Now solves this.

With Buy Now you pay a small fee to access the Strata Report of the property you wish to purchase. If you find yourself unsuccessful – or decide not to purchase the property – there is nothing more to pay. If you do purchase the property, then you pay the final balance of the full-priced report.

You, the Buyer, save money. You pay for one full-fee Strata Report for the property you purchase – rather than many for all the properties you don’t!

Your report includes:
  • details of up to date insurances
  • current strata levies for the lot
  • funds held by the strata for maintenance and repairs
  • a brief history of expenditure
  • discussions and resolutions at meetings
  • quotes for repairs or improvements
  • issues that may affect future levies
  • compliance issues
  • building defects
  • fire safety
  • engineer’s investigations
  • any other information that will help you with your purchase